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7 days ago
Sergy, France
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A lot of noise


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67 days ago
Sergy, France
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Refresh Types

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The hardest refresh requires both a Mac keyboard and a Windows keyboard as a security measure, like how missile launch systems require two keys to be turned at once.
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116 days ago
Sergy, France
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116 days ago
Baltimore, MD
116 days ago
Hard Reset - PC reset button - causes SEGA to fight SOPA.
Moses Lake, WA
116 days ago
The hardest refresh requires both a Mac keyboard and a Windows keyboard as a security measure, like how missile launch systems require two keys to be turned at once.

chown - chmod

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126 days ago
Sergy, France
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Kerbin Space Port: playing with freighters, and a place to park them

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In the previous entry, there is a new class of vessel shown. This vessel is designed to haul ore inside a planet SOI.

Some new classes of vessels for freight hauling
Whereas before I was using an ore tank pushed by a nuclear transfer stage, this new class of vessel is specifically designed for the ore hauling task.
The ore tanks are part of the vessel body, and one big advantage is the better balance of RCS ports making docking much easier than with the previous setup.
Also with 16 Nerv engines instead of 4 or 6, burn duration are more reasonable. For example getting into LKO from Minmus, now take 2 burns instead of 4 to 6 burns.
Fully fueled when leaving Minmus, the vessel can bring it’s ore to LKO and go back to Minmus once empty of ore, all on internal fuel and without refueling.
Crew: 12 Kerbals
Capacity: 24k units of ore (240t)
Δv without payload: 5900 m/s
Δv with full payload: 2500 m/s

Based on the same design, a less specialized version was investigated. The ore tanks were replaced with cargo bays, and the crew capacity increased.
Turns out, this variant has even more capacity (for ore transport) than the Canterbury class. Also with it cargo bays, it may be able to act like a mother ship for exploration purpose.
The class name was choosen by a friend. A 13 minutes video of the launch is available there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mc9uHwsvEDw
Crew: 20 Kerbals
Capacity: 4x mk3 cargo bay
Δv without payload: 5900 m/s
Δv with payload: depend of the payload mass
  • 50t: 4500 m/s
  • 100t: 3600 m/s
  • 200t: 2600 m/s
  • 300t: 2100 m/s

All the previous classes of vessels use Nerv as their engines due to its excellent ISP.
But what happen if we go for higher TWR at the cost of efficiency and capacity ?
The class name was choosen by a friend.
Crew: 20 Kerbals
Capacity: 2x mk3 cargo bay
Δv without payload: 4200 m/s
Δv with payload: depend of the payload
  • 50t: 3000 m/s
  • 100t: 2300 m/s TWR ≥ 1
  • 150t: 1950 m/s
  • 200t: 1600 m/s

A new facility in Kerbin orbit to handle this large vessels
The existing Kerbin Space Station architecture is not suitable to use by those kind of big vessels, furthermore the fuel storage capacity has proved to be limited too with those monsters.
Their maintenance and refueling around Kerbin will be handled on a new facility name Kerbin Space Port.

Kerbin Space Port
For this one there are several downloads:
The fuel depot can contain:
  • 106k units of Liquid Fuel
  • 44k units of Oxydizer
  • 8k units of Monopropellant
In addition the station can refine ore brought by vessels with two ISRUs.

Below are some images of the launch of the main section, or a 35 minutes long video of this same launch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfsN06bW-dk

The space port in use
  • front side, from left to right:
    • Kangoo class freighter
    • Hades N.mk3 class vessel with ore tank (my previous ore tanker generation, being phased out and replaced with Canterbury class vessels)
  • back side, from left to right:
    • Pélican class freighter
    • Hades N.mk3 class vessel
    • Canterbury class ore freighter

The control towers are being replaced by a new variant shown on the blue print.

One more thing

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131 days ago
Kerbal Space Truck Simulator ?
Sergy, France
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Eve… You get some love too (a.k.a Eve Expedition 01)

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Waiting for the vessels bound to Duna to arrive, a transfer window to Eve has arrived. With probes in orbit and on the ground, a communication relay network already there, it’s time for some Kerbals to go there too.

Eve will not be used as much as Duna for future travel, so there are less objectives for this transfer window:
  • Have Kerbals landing on Gilly, and some on Eve
  • Locate a favorable spot for an Eve base
  • Land a new kind of ground base on Eve
  • Start a space station in low Eve orbit. For the time being there will be no fuel depot.

The fleet going to Eve during this transfer window (around Year 3, Day 370) is made of 11 vessels.
Eve being Eve… the courageous kerbals which will land there won’t have a return ticket for a (very) long time. Because of this, I will try to provide them with a nice place to stay on the ground.

In the space program, we tend to re-use designs and evolve them not restart from scratch, so you will notice some of the vessels are the same or just slight evolutions of the ones sent on the Duna mission.

Eve ground base

Eve is known for it's high gravity and very thick atmosphere. The kerbals sent there will currently only have a one way ticket to the surface, with no warranty to ever leave Eve. It was decided that they needed a cool ground base with plenty of space, and expandable.

So I present the Eve Colony Hab Tent for 64 kerbals
The more interesting part is the little interior yard
A base using this design might be sent to Duna if Eve results are good.

Who will get to Eve surface ?
There was also a careful selection for the firsts kerbals that would land be stranded on Eve.
Two teams will provide the ground crew. They consist of 3 scientists, 2 engineers and 1 pilot.
Those kerbals are all Level 1 at the moment, but by the time they reach Eve surface will have been promoted to level 3, after having landed on Gilly.

Ground base launch (12 minutes video)
To put this base in orbit, I brute-forced my way.

Eve space station 01 a.k.a EvSS 01 in low Eve orbit
Except for the occasional Kerbals passing through Eve SOI, this space station will not be used much.
The station consists of:
  • crew compartments for 28 (only Hitchiker are counted for crew compartment, the other modules being working space)
  • science lab (very important to bring the kerbals from level 1 to level 3 before landing on Eve)
  • cupola
  • capsules docking nodes
  • communication relay
  • electrical production (RTG + Fuel Cell + solar array)
  • radiators
  • ISRU (planning for future expansion as a fuel depot)

Below are some pictures of the station en route to Eve

Eve SOI mining fleet
During this transfer window there will be a minimum mining operation set up around Eve. The main goal of this operation will be to refuel vessels around Eve so that they can go leave the SOI with plenty of Δv left.
Due to the high cost of maneuvers in Eve orbit, the refueling hub will be located around Gilly

Ore freighter and Mining rig + Refinery
The mining rig will mine the ore on Gilly, and also serve as refinery.
The freighter part is an adaptation of what used to be my standard ore hauling setup, before the creation of the specialized vessels shown below.

Specialized ore freighter to bring ore from Gilly to Eve
Instead of using my usual Ore container pushed by an Hades N, I created a specialised vessel for Ore transport. This class named « Canterbury » in my game, can haul 24k units of Ore (or 240t) having ~2500m/s of Δv fully loaded.
The craft file is available on Kerbalx: Ore Freighter mk1
This one is the second member of the Canterbury class, of course, this one going to serve in Eve SOI, is named Adam.

Rest of Eve fleet
Crew transfer between Kerbin and Eve
Simple vessel with crew space for 3 or 4 teams of Kerbals (1 team is 3 kerbals)

Gilly shuttle
A simple shuttle to bring Kerbals from Eve space station to Gilly surface and back.

Same scanner satellites as the one sent to Duna and Gilly (see Duna… here I come), but this time sent to Eve and Gilly. I do not plan to extract ore from Eve, but this is so cheap…

Eve lander seeder
Eve surface being blocked in the map view (thanks E.V.E), these 16 landers will be deployed to spot a good spot for the colony, and also get some science in different Eve biomes.

One more thing

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141 days ago
In my attempt to post more regular update of my KSP plays…
Sergy, France
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